Sample the Legendary Monaco Hospitality

All hail the might Hercules because legend has it that this god gave us Monaco. If you have been to this city you understand why any traveller would be so enthusiastic to go back there because you can never get enough of the French Riviera and the Monaco Grand Prix hospitality.

Finesse in Holidaying

There are many good destinations in the world but none comes close to Monaco in terms of grandeur, elegance, fun, prestige and of course hospitality. From the Monaco GP to the exquisite beaches there is no limit of the fun you can wring out of this principality.

Monaco Grand Prix hospitality yacht partySimply put Monaco can be termed the epitome of elegant living and once you visit you will want to go back. Whatever tickles your fancy be it the thrill of F1 speeds, incredible night life, marina or amazing casinos it will be available for you.

Redefining Hospitality

Unlike most destinations where you visit amazing sights but hospitality levels let you down, Monaco offers you a complete package. To sample the best out of the city you should always find the best hotels to pamper your body after a tiring day exploring the city.

The hotels in Monaco offer thousands of rooms but that’s just a tip of the iceberg. The architecture ranging from belle, Mediterranean to Classical makes them sights to behold. Their exquisite personalized service makes the whole experience ethereal.

Some of the incredible hospitality offers can be found in facilities such as:

  • Yacht experience: How would you like to dine like royalty on water? This is exactly what you get especially during the Monaco GP. You not only get a breathtaking view of the race but also champagne breakfast, 5-star catering, champagne open bar, menus designed by Master Chefs from 5-star hotels and much more.
  • Thermes Marin Spa: Hospitality is not all about food and dining in Monaco but also health. At this world famous spa, there are heated marine pools, vast treatment options including sea-peels with Dead Sea salts, algae baths and much more.
  • Hotel De Paris’s Wine Cellar: Enjoy the world’s most storied wine cellar dating back to the 1870s. With over 450,000 bottles and 55 types of champagne there will of course be something to tickle your bud.
  • World-class hotels: You have a chance to enjoy personalized service at the world’s most exclusive hotels. These include the Metropole which has ESPA spa services, Hermitage which was built in the 1900s and is centrally located, Monte Carlo Bay, Columbus, Le Meridien Beach Plaza to mention but a few.
  • Super car experience package: Nothing beats travelling around this great city in a supercar. The dream car you have always ogled at in Motoring Magazines is within your reach here. In fact you will get a package that comes with accommodation, VIP tables during Monaco GP after parties and much more.

It is impossible to capture all of Monaco’s hospitality in one article. You just have to fly down there and experience the glamorous and luxurious service to appreciate what it is all about.

It is time to drink in what Monaco has to offer as you get pampered like royalty.